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All Members Inspected & Approved

There are No Surprises With our Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper Members

You may be looking for charm, comfort or romance.  And, you probably expect to find something a bit different each time you stay at a Bed & Breakfast, but one thing you don't want when you check-in is an unwelcomed surprise.

The Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association of Iowa (IBBIA) provide a surprise-free way to know your B&B stay will be a great one. This State Association requires every member Inn to be inspected and approved.

Our inspections are conducted by trained individuals. They are thorough in scope, covering safety and security items as well as appearance, comfort, and cleanliness. Food preparation, amenities and administrative items are also evaluated as part of the inspection.

Every one of our member Inns must pass a rigorous inspection to insure compliance with our Association standards. IBBIA is the only Innkeeper Association in the State of Iowa that requires such close scrutiny of their membership, but this policy lets guests know that our Inns will automatically deliver a consistently clean, comfortable and professional experience that historically has been sporadic in the bed & breakfast industry.

You can be assured, any IBBIA Inn will have important items like safety lights and locks on all doors. You know that each Inn will have clean rooms with adequate lighting. Sleeping will come easy when you’re at an IBBIA member Inn.

 The current IBBIA Directory lists all our inspected and approved Inns. They come in all shapes and sizes and are located in all parts of the state. They're all unique except for one very important item: the quality of your stay!

To receive a copy of our current directory call
800-888-4667 or 712-332-8088.

Iowa Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Association

1708 Terrace Park Blvd. Milford, IA.  51351

800-888-4667 or 712-332-8088